Warning for ‘Rational use of medicines against winter illnesses

Experts made a warning about rational use of medicines these days when cold weather cause more illnesses. Pharmacologist Prof. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay stated diagnosis of an illness is significant for rational use of medicines, and added “If the illness is misdiagnosed, you will have used medicine unnecessarily. If the diagnosis is correct, then we need to know when to apply to the medicine, and how long and at what dosages we need to take the medicine”.

Cold weather influencing all around Turkey opened the doors to winter illnesses. A lot of illnesses ranging from flu to bronchitis, throat infections and sinusitis influence both adults and children in this season when body resistance starts to drop. Experts highlight the importance of rational use of medicines in these winter months when medicine use increases due to such illnesses mentioned above.

Pharmacologist Prof. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay made a speech in the 3rd Neuroscience Congress held at Nişantaşı University, and highlighted the importance of correct diagnosis before using any medicines. He also said, “Diagnosis is significant in order to use medicines rationally. If the diagnosis is mistaken, then you will have used medicine unnecessarily. If it is correct, then we need to know when we should apply to the medicine, and how long and at what dosages we should take it.”

Prof. Dr. Tayfun Uzbay warned that no medicine must be used unconsciously due to their side effects, and told, “Medicine must be used under the surveillance of a doctor. One of the most important conditions of rational use of medicines is that they can be supplied from pharmacists’. Medicines bought online or from any other places apart from pharmacists can be counterfeit or their content may be different, which may damage your health.”


Prof. Dr. Uzbay expressed the most common illnesses encountered in winter months are resulting from the cold and explained about when to see a doctor and to apply to any medicine as follows:

“If you have a dry cough for a long time accompanied by fever, and your fatigue challenges you, then you may need to see a doctor. You can use some supplementary food, vitamins and minerals in order to enhance your life comfort. However, you need to take a blood test, and then you can take these supplements that will cover the deficiencies in your body according to the results. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals weaken the immune system, which makes it easy for you to get ill. However, you do not have any deficiencies in accordance with test results, you shouldn’t use these supplements unnecessarily.  You need to take medicine when your health is really damaged. Irrational use of medicines may damage more than its benefits.”

Release date: 31.12.2019