“Klavye Delikanlıları” at Nişantaşı University

 “Klavye Delikanlıları” cast, one of the favourite series on television, met with students in Maslak Neotech 1453 Campus at Nişantaşı University on Tuesday, December 12.

Vildan Atasever, one of the leading actresses in the series, the director Murat Şeker  and the scriptwriter Ali Tanrıverdi had a bull session with the students at our university. In the bull session to which students showed great interest, the latest status of the film series sector in Turkey and what the audience expects from the series were discussed.

While the reasons why such a series which attracted interest of the audience thanks to its script and said farewell to the screens early were analysed, the director Murat Şeker gave a piece of good news about it may continue on digital platforms when someone asked a question about the likelihood of the continuity of the series.

Release date: 15.12.2017