A Look To The Future From Levent Uysal: The book ‘5.0 Önde Başlamak’ Has Been Published!

The book “5.0 Önde Başlamak” of Levent Uysal, who says “a future we cannot even dream of will be ordinary for our children”, has hit the shelves.

Founder of Nişantaşı Education Foundation, Dr. Levent Uysal's book titled "5.0 Önde Başlamak", which discusses the thoughts about the future, asks questions about the future by looking at tomorrow from today and gives mind-opening answers.

The work, which stands out with its slogan "The Future Actually Comes Every Day!”, puts our thoughts about the future on the table. "5.0 Önde Başlamak”, with the label of Destek Publications, offers a multidimensional and comprehensive analysis of the concepts of future, youth and leadership.

Thoughts about the future, dreams, utopian or dystopian comments are at the top of the issues that all humanity has questioned throughout history and questions such as these are always asked: Can machines think humans are unnecessary? Will the future be utopian or dystopian? How do we prepare our children for the future? How can you awaken the genius in you? The questions are many, the answers are complicated. It is always very risky to bet with the future. Interpreting the future by looking at the developments of yesterday and today is one of the most troublesome issues of human beings during their development. Based on all these discussions, Uysal, who envisions a productive and creative future, reflected his broad experience in the field of education in his book.

Uysal, who argues that the future can only be created based on the past, also includes sections from his own life in the book. Expressing that he learned the business life from his grandfather at a very young age, Uysal states that his father is an educator and a 'futurist' and that these different aspects also emerged in him.

This Is A 5.0 Book!

Levent Uysal emphasizes the concept of "5.0" in the title of the book and says:

“Take a look around you. Now there is education 5.0, future 5.0, society 5.0, human 5.0…. Let's understand; 4.0s are over, we are in the 5.0 phase. Education 5.0 and the future of education are the basis of all these 5.0 concepts. We described the future of education in this book and said this: Education of the future will be possible with the transition to a structure where the education adapts within a differentiated system for each student, not that the student tries to adapt to the school; learning will become personalized and student-based; students will have more say in the curriculum and will be able to discover themselves.

There will be the essence of human in the future. Good, evil, socialization, change… In other words, whatever is in human beings will be in the future. That future will be the essence of human whether there is human or not in the future!

Uysal, emphasizing his ideas on how young people and their learning processes will develop in the following years, states:

“A future that we cannot even dream of will be ordinary for our children. We should not forget this, let's not leave them stuck to the past and today since we do not understand or we cannot see the future. The perception, perspective, abilities of the youth are much more and very different from us. Let them discover, create and manage these innovations, future and change. The society now demands much more from individuals, and those who cannot meet these demands will unfortunately fail. This is not just an individual failure, it is a social failure. For this reason, we all have a responsibility, we have to start by changing and improving ourselves. The future will come only this way! Finally, let's remember the main rule: Nothing that lacks spirituality is sustainable; all futures are included!

Release date: 18.03.2021