Medipol Başakşehir Coach Abdullah Avcı And Nişantaşı University Students Came Together

Abdullah Avcı: We will get 2 more cups by the end of the season.

Medipol Başakşehir Coach Abdullah Avcı and Nişantaşı University students came together. Avcı gave a presentation titled 'Statistics and Data Analysis’ and received a cup from students. The successful coach said, "God willing we will get 2 more cups at the end of the season,".

Avcı, who met with the students at the NeoTech Campus of Nişantaşı University, stated; player preferences, gathering data to support the decision-making before the encounters, reporting, analysis and transformation of action plans in his presentation. Avcı said “Until the end of the season, will work for the success of the Başakşehir Club”, and added that he would make his decision at the end of the league.

"I could not do what I wanted to do in the NATIONAL TEAM"

Abdullah Avcı answered questions from students in the panel. To the 'Do you think you did what you wanted in the National Team?' question Avcı answered as, "I could not do what I wanted in the National Team, but it taught me a lot. I was very broken sometimes of these 22 months. But what I learned there is guidance in every period of my life," he said.

"I went to IZMIR 3 times for CENGİZ ÜNDER"

"How did you discover Cengiz Ünder, who was transferred from Medipol Başakşehir to Rome?", Avcı answered as, "When Altınordu came out in the 2nd League, I went to İzmir for Cengiz whom I knew from the Youth National Team. I had a meeting with President Seyit Mehmet Özkan and I told him a price. I don't normally do that, but I did it for the first time. President Özkan said, 'what are you doing? He is just 17 years old, do you think he can play?'. And I said, 'He will.' 6 months have passed. It was still in my mind and I went to İzmir 3 times just for Cengiz. Then they fell to a certain number and brought Cengiz to Istanbul. Here is the thing, you can identify a player that is important, but you need to ensure that he has completed his development. Cengiz thrust himself upon the team on his first training.. The player group is interesting; For example, Emre doesn't let the ball fall easily, but he doesn't throw a ball at anyone. But he was throwing the ball to Cengiz. Cengiz is a very special player. He came from 2nd League and played 45 games with us. At the team meeting of his first Fenerbahçe match, they asked 'coach isn’t it early?”. I said 'you think' and I continued. After this insistence, his name is mentioned in Rome, England and Germany. It's going great, I hope it goes from there because we will earn money. We are a company team, so we are waiting for him.


Avcı said that there is no difficulty in finding young players in Turkey, "The important thing is to develop. Not only in terms of players and coach, but also for school training, coach education and the Turkey Football Federation’s (TFF) organization in infrastructure needs to be very healthy. Clubs needs investigations and implementations. If you do not invest in the local source that won’t do any good. If you do not prepare the local player to compete with the foreign player, you won’t succeed. Buy 1-2 brand players, but you must invest in local players, "he said.


Avcı said that he follows Manchester City from Europe in terms of game plans and organizations. About his career, he said: "There is no team colour for me. I didn't play at Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş, Galatasaray when I started this job. Did it cause me troubles when I started? Yes, because those coming from that background rises much more quickly, but I think today I have earned the respect of everyone at Anatolia. At the end of the season I will look at the situation analysis, the situation of the team, how has passed the last year? How is the player team? How is management? What are the projects? And then I will decide, ".

A special cup was presented to Abdullah Avcı at the end of his presentation as  'The first cup of the season'. Avcı said "God willing, we will get 2 more cups at the end of the season," as he thanked.

Release date: 22.11.2018