Training on the Correct Thinking Skills from Mete Han Gür: “How Do We Decide?

Mete Han Gür, who aims to develop the correct thinking skills of the people with the conferences he has given, has recently been the guest of Nişantaşı University. In the conference titled "How do we decide?", questions such as "What are the decision mechanisms of human, how does it work?" were clarified. While stating that the decision-making process is divided into two as rational and intuitive during his speech, Gür told "In fact, people are not inclined to act rationally, this idea is based on some sociologists and psychologists, people make the first decision that satisfies them, and because of the delusions that are related to rationality such gambling delusion and hoeing, intuitive decisions are more appropriate in the necessary situations." At the end of his speech, Gür proposed to work rationally for intuitive decisions, Gür ended the conference by taking the questions of the participants.

Release date: 23.05.2018