Children experience the occupations at their workplaces

Nişantaşı University started a cooperation with  Sarıyer Municipality Youth Training Center. 27 students between the ages of 7 and 14 who are socio-economically disadvantageous toured around Maslak campus of the university, and were informed about the occupations they would like to choose in the future in scope of this cooperation.

Kaan Kıvanç, Head of Guidance and Career Department, evaluated this situation in the following words; “We entertained the children at our university in order to help them choose their occupations in the future. The students experienced the occupations such as aviation simulation, and first and emergency aid in our laboratory individually, which may have allowed them to dream about their future or which they may have taken the first steps to the future as of today”.


Serap Genç, the Coordinator of Sarıyer Municipality Youth Training Center, stated, “We are working with children between 7 and 11 years old who are socio-economically disadvantageous. We are providing service in 11 neighbourhoods in Sarıyer. The children spend their time after school with us. We support both their academic and social developments. They take lessons such as Maths, Turkish, Science, and English, as well as Music, Arts, and Visual Arts in our training center. Our center has been cooperating with some institutions. One of them is Nişantaşı University. We aim to introduce the university to our children at an early age, which will motivate them more in their education lives. This visit to this university will contribute to their selection of jobs in the long run, which will direct them”.

Release date: 06.01.2020