Nişantaşı Team Participated in the Challenging Competition!

Nişantaşı University’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team reached decider matches of semi-finals of  Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament known as Red Bull: Flick Turkey Championship hosted on Saturday, May 18th in participation of 64 teams.

From left to right (Anıl Can Kukul | Computer Engineering, Mert Hacıoğlu | Psychology, Baran Mert Şahin | Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Alper Şentürk | Computer Programming

NISH A and B teams reached top 8 among 64 teams. Although Team B lost in quarter finals with a score of 16-14 and left the tournament in quarter-finals, Team B showed a great performance to win the quarter-finals round with a score of 16-0 to reach semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, our team fought tooth and nails to go overtime but lost the match 19-17 and left the tournament. We congratulate our students who participated in the tournament and wish them luck.

 Team A

Baran Mert Şahin | Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Mert Hacıoğlu | Psychology

Team B

Anıl Can Kukul | Computer Engineering

Alper Şentürk | Computer Engineering

Release date: 24.05.2019