Oral and Dental Health Education for 3,000 Children from Nişantaşı University Students

Nişantaşı University Vocational High School Department of Oral and Dental Health students, both contributing to their professional development and self-awareness of children's voluntary project has signed a self-care.

For 4 days, 24 volunteer students and 3 state students in 22 state primary schools in Sarıyer organized ”Oral and Dental Health” trainings on volunteer students and reached 3,000 children.

Structures in the mouth, microorganisms that cause disease in the mouth, the reasons for the formation of dental caries, the right foods for oral and dental health, tooth brushing techniques were handled by the Chief Physician Yiğit Emrah Kurt gave.

Samet Yıldız, who coordinated the education, emphasized the importance of the students' involvement in social responsibility projects throughout their education life and added, “The students can acquire many skills such as teamwork, time and budget management and apply these gains in business life. We want to strengthen the relationship of our students with their professions by selecting the scope of these voluntary projects directly from their profession. ”

At the end of the project, Nişantaşı University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Levent Uysal and Rector Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu met with volunteer students and lecturers of Nişantaşı University and presented their plaques of appreciation.

Release date: 17.05.2018