From Nişantaşı University Students

NİŞANTAŞI University students attended “Voluntary Tourism” on Sinop Aşıklar Street. 2nd year students of Social Services Department, Nişantaşı University, attended “Voluntary Tourism” held on Sinop Aşıklar Street. Social Responsibility Consultant Sibel Karaduman said, "We provide consultancy as Nişantaşı University, and in this scope we perform voluntary tourism. What we desire to do with the children is to help them put what they learn theoretically at school into practice. We visited a primary school in Bektaşağa Village before, and had a lovely day.  We are going to teach how to build a cutter tomorrow. Our primary aim is to focus on how students can learn a different culture when they visit Black Sea”.

Release date: 29.05.2017