A First in the Field of Technology under the Leadership of Nişantaşı University

Electric-car project, capable of running on ground and hovering in the air, will be carried out by Turkish and Japanese academicians.

Nişantaşı University signed a goodwill agreement with Nagasaki University and Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science to develop an electric-car capable of running on ground and hovering in the air. Discussions initiated with the firms, Tajima Motor Corporation and Isahaya Electronics Corporation. It is projected that the electric cars, capable of running on ground and hovering in the air without a pilot, will be introduced into the market in 2020, in line with the project.

A unique technological project, which is called SORA project developed under the guidance of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Nişantaşı University, is carried out under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoglu, the Rector of Nisantasi University; Prof. Dr. Ilhami Colak, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and Prof. Dr. Fujio Kurokowa, the academics at Nagasaki University.

Vehicles, equipped with wholly ecofriendly technologies, having long-range, new generation electric motors with high efficiency and low energy consumption, which are capable of moving both on ground and hovering in the air, will be developed. It is planned that the vehicles to be used in various services such as transportation, search and rescue, ambulance, can move to the specified addresses without an operator (unmanned).

The patent application for the project to be developed by Turkish and Japanese academicians is planned to be placed at the Silicon Valley in the coming days. Two different prototypes of the vehicles; initially 1-man and then 2-man, will be prepared.

Preliminary investment in the amount of around USD $5 million will be made for the starting phase of the project which is planned to take place with the scientific added value of the universities, as an innovation project. And in the following phases of the project, some other public institutions and private organisations from Turkey, which are involved in R&D, civilian aviation, etc. apart from Nişantaşı University, are expected to join in the project. 

Stating that they keep working hard to be able to integrate innovation, research and education as Nişantaşı University, Levent Uysal, the Founder of Nişantaşı University, added, “The founding objectives of Nişantaşı University include: preparing our students for the future and future’s technologies and raising people that will represent our country successfully in every field in international arena and add value to the world. That’s why we invest in the future’s professions, new technologies and try to break grounds in the world. We introduce a brand new technology into our country, with the SORA Project as the first project of Nişantaşı University NeoTech Campus. Our aim is to invest in the future of Turkey. This project is just a beginning; as Nisantasi University, we are a part of a never ending development.”


Educational cooperation between Turkey and Japan

Project also involves exchange program agreements, internship programs and centre of excellence agreements, which will also include the student and lecturers.

“SORA”, an acronym for “Super Object for Road and Aero movement” in English, means sky in Japanese.

Release date: 19.12.2017