Erasmusdays 2018 Events at Nişantaşı University

The “Erasmusdays” events, which were held for the first time in 2017, will take place simultaneously in 12 different countries this year on October 12-13. It is also aimed to bring together all Erasmus stakeholders during the activities aimed at raising awareness about Erasmus and sharing the results of Erasmus projects.

Under the activities of Erasmusdays 2018, Nişantaşı University was the first university from Turkey that take conference application. At the "Erasmus + Cooperation for Innovation in The Perspective of Cultural Dissemination" conference, which will take place on 12-13 October at Nişantaşı University NeoTech Campus, the importance of cultural spread in Europe for innovative project partnerships will be discussed. The conference, where President of the National Agency of Turkey Mesut Kamiloğlu, the European Union Presidency Project Implementation Unit office in Istanbul, IKV Vice President Prof. Dr. Haluk Kabaalioğlu will also be among the speakers, will take two days. During the conference, important issues such as Erasmus's influence on the development of relations between Turkey and European Union, Erasmus's past and future in Turkey, contribution of the Erasmus project to the young people and their education will be addressed at the various sessions.

In addition to the sessions, Nişantaşı University is organizing a competition at Erasmusdays 2018; Erasmus Student Network invites its students to implement Social Entrepreneurship projects. On the second day of the conference, 13 October, students will present their projects and mentoring support at Nişantaşı University Innovation Center - NisNova will be given to the winning project.

For conference program, registration and detailed information, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or visit

Release date: 25.09.2018