Thanks from Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs to Nişantaşı University

Nişantaşı University has become the third university to be entitled to Eurodesk in the election among the other universities located in İstanbul as a result of the workshops it participated and its works and gained its accreditation in June 2019. Faruk Kaymakçı, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director for EU Affairs, sent a thank you letter about the entitlement of the university as a Eurodesk Contact point: the letter said;

“As you know, our country’s participation process into European Union is the most significant improvement and modernization project after the declaration of the Republic even if it has been influenced by the rough current developments. Nevertheless, we are aware of various concerns and bias about Turkey’s candidacy for EU resulting from a lack of vast knowledge of both Turkish society and EU society. It is of great importance to inform all segments of the society about multi-dimensional works of harmonization with EU legislation, reforms performed, EU-supported successful projects conducted in scope of financial cooperation between Turkey and EU, opportunities for education and experience shared in EU in elimination of negative perceptions mentioned above. In addition to informing our public about the gains in all these fields accurately and effectively, local studies are indispensable for maintenance of social agreement, stability and support for the participation process.

The best examples of the perception of “living together and working together”, the fundamental philosophy of European union process, is are no doubt the programs in EU’s fields of training, youth and sport that we have been taking part in since 2004.It is seen that Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps (ESC) are effective tools in introducing our country accurately in frame of perception of public diplomacy, creating awareness about our process of EU participation, and forming existing perceptions accurately. This issue takes place among the fundamental priorities of Turkey’s European Union Communication Strategy (EUCS).

We have been conducting studies at 140 contact points all around our country with you informing our youth about the opportunities EU provides in terms of training, youth and sport. The studies you have been conducting voluntarily and sincerely without withholding your support during the process and by encouraging our youth to carry out projects in addition to informing them about learning mobility, exchange opportunities and participation in activities of partnership projects in European countries contribute significantly to keep our relations with EU live at a local level.

We consider this youth taking part in all these studies and project activities as ambassadors of EU membership process. Our well-equipped youth who produce projects with their peers in EU countries in awareness of the importance of the membership process under your guidance are among the most valuable gains in our country. For that reason, I would like to express my pleasure by coming together with Contact Points at “Eurodesk Fair” organized at Middle East Technical University (METU) under the coordination of Turkish National Agency in 18 December 2019 and witnessing your studies in person.

The maintenance of your valuable contributions to our EU membership process, which is the strategic target of our country, energizes us to continue on this road with stability in spite of all the obstacles.

We sincerely believe that you, our precious volunteer ambassadors, Eurodesk Contact Points, will provide the greatest support for the unity of Turkey with EU, and we appreciate your dissemination studies conducted devotedly this year as in the previous years.

Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Representative Offices, Directorate for EU Affairs, and National Agency will always support you all the time. Please do not hesitate to contact these institutions when necessary.

I sincerely celebrate the New Year for you and wish our cooperation will be empowered and continue in 2020.”

Release date: 09.01.2020