Tips on how to become a successful fashion designer from Ozanhan Kayaoğlu

Ozanhan Kayaoğlu, Instructor in Department of Textile and Fashion Design Department in Nişantaşı University, organized a seminar titled “How do you become a Successful Fashion Designer?”.

Ozanhan Kayaoğlu shared the information he acquired from his education in Europe and America and work experiences with the students in Textile and Fashion Design Department in the seminar held in Maslak campus of the university. Moreover, he explained creating a designer vision, fashion/personality image and fashion design modules prepared for his courses in this seminar. Kayaoğlu gave details on collection preparation processes of a successful fashion designer in the seminar.

He brainstormed with the students in the workplace after the seminar, and made some studies to bring out design manifest. The students were asked to create their own individualistic design personalities making deductions from what was told in the seminar and 21st century life analyses. Fashion designs were created in accordance with these people’s lifestyles and likes.

Release date: 20.12.2019