Prof. Dr. Zeynep Altan gave a lecture at Nişantaşı University!

"The Source of Social Violence is the Misguided Imagery of Femininity!"

Prof. Dr. Hayriyem Zeynep ALTAN, at the conference in Nişantaşı University on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, introduced and signed her new book "Killing the Mother not to Lose Mother's Love". This English work, in which Altan studied the novel " Troubled Love" by the Italian writer Elena Ferrante, examines the symbiotic link between mother and daughter through psychoanalysis. Altan stated that Ferrante's story points out a universal problem and she told that we should not stop our children to love others, while we grow them. In addition, by giving examples from the myth of playwright Aiskhylos, which focuses on the establishment of Greek culture, she emphasized that the figure of "Dominant Mother Clytemnestra" is a key to questioning our relations today. In the question-answer section where guests share their ideas on patriarchal culture, marginalization, gender, language, literature and femininity experiences, femininity and motherhood were the most frequently discussed topics. She told that while investigating the source of "social violence", which manifests itself as female murders and child abuse, the first place to look at was the images of misguided femininity. Altan expressed this problem as follows: "One of the most important reasons of social violence is the tendency to define the woman by emphasizing the 'body' under all conditions and to define the female body through a change value."

All incomes of the signature ceremony made at the end of the conference were presented to the Head of the ÖÇED Board of Management, Parin Yakupyan, together with a plaque of appreciation, thus this event contributed to the education of children with autism.

Release date: 22.03.2018