Healthy eating starts from kitchen shopping

Dietician Banu Kazanç stated that staying healthy and staying fit started with the grocery shopping made for the refrigerator.

A seminar titled “Basic Rules of Healthy Nutrition and Staying Fit” was held by Nişantaşı University Health Club.

Dietician Banu Kazanç explained the ways to stay fit by eating healthy in the seminar held in Maslak Campus of the university. By telling that healthy and fit nutrition starts with the shopping made for the fridge at home, Banu Kazanç said that it is necessary to avoid fashion diets, it is more difficult for only one of the family members to succeed while making a diet, and the important thing is to achieve a healthy diet together.

By noting that the consumed foods should not be considered alone but according to the other foods they are consumed together, Kazanç completed her speech by answering questions from the audience after his presentation.

Release date: 21.02.2020