They overcome obstacles with art therapy

According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, 650 million people live with disabilities, equivalent to at least 10 percent of the world's population. According to the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in 1992, December 3 of each year is called World Disabled Day.

On the day that the theme of this year is ‘ensuring the participation of individuals with disabilities and their participation in the 2030 development agenda’, the focus is on empowerment of individuals with disabilities in line with the 2030 plan and ensuring equal conditions for all individuals. At this point, Nişantaşı University continues to organize various activities aimed at eliminating the obstacles to disabled people in social life at any time and reinforcing the meaning of this special day.

The ‘barrier-free art therapy’, which is formed by the unimpeded living unit and Psychological Counseling Unit in the University, aims to help them express themselves by using their emotions and creativity. “Sometimes it may not be easy for people to express feelings and thoughts, and this can be a difficult, confusing or painful process, "said Sim Korçan, an expert Psychological Consultant at Nişantaşı University who has briefed on’ Unimpeded Art Therapy'. Art therapy, on the other hand, helps to express the inner world and subconscious that the person is having difficulties to express in this process. Every month we organize an art therapy event for students with disabilities by selecting a theme. As part of this event, we help students with disabilities to express themselves by using their emotions and creativity.”

Release date: 03.12.2019