The History Society’s Rethinking Marx Event Was Held

The History Society's "Rethinking Marx" event was held at Nişantaşı University Maslak Neotech 1453 Campus.

In the event, with reference to Marx who analyzed the problems inherited from the 19th century to the 20th century; The answers to the questions "What could be the prerequisite of a free society?", "How does this enable all members of society to realize themselves while an individual is self-realizing?", "How is it possible for a person to meet himself again humanely?", "What kind of society makes it possible for a person to touch himself again?" were searched.

In the activity where a Marx biography was drawn by focusing on the turning points of his intellectual world, the subject of Marx's understanding was separated from both idealism and materialism.

After the event, speaker Asst. Assoc. Dr. Olkan Senemoğlu signed his new book "Rethinking Marx" for our students. 

Release date: 10.01.2018