Sustainability in textile will be provided by re-evaluation

Veysi Balin, Chairman of the Board of Balins Jeans, which operates in the field of textile and denim garments, shared design, production and fashion titles in the denim sector with the students of Nişantaşi University Textile and Fashion Design Department.

Balin's second quality products were presented to textile and fashion design students for re-evaluation within the scope of ‘forward conversion’ design studies. The fashion designers of the future, which brought new functionality and visuality to the second quality products from the company, thus drew attention to the issue of sustainability in textile.

Speaking at the University's event, Veysi Balin said, “Denim works like a separate sector within the textile sector. Denim was used in mines and mines, but later experienced a flare when cowboys used this product. Then he jumped to metropolises. Denim has no age limit, no class distinction. Therefore, they can obtain very good design products from these second quality products given to young people. Second quality is not an obstacle for these talented young people. They can do all kinds of operations on them and produce new products. Denim is therefore a sustainable product. Sustainability in textile will continue as long as human beings exist”.

Release date: 23.12.2019