The Project Introducing Turkish Music History to Youth

Turkish art music artist and academician Aylin Şengün Taşçı transfers the history of our Turkish music to young people in a chronological manner and accompanied by live performance in order to introduce and popularize Turkish art music to new generation young people.

Aylin Şengün Taşçı gave a seminar about Turkish music to young people as a guest of Nişantaşı University in the project they carried out with 11 team members working in the Istanbul State Turkish Music Ensemble. In the seminar, supported by live performances, young people learned the 1300 years history of Turkish music and had the opportunity to listen to important works of Turkish music. Aylin Şengün Taşçı stated that they have reached approximately 4 thousand young people with this completely voluntary project, and that they have no material expectations and only their goals was transferring Turkish music culture to young people.

“We tell Turkish music to young people in the historical process”

By stating that they developed this project based on the idea that Turkish music cannot be promoted to young people only with concerts, Aylin Şengün Taşçı said, “I developed a project this year with our friends working in the Istanbul State Turkish Music Ensemble. I turned this into a form of a seminar with the idea that concerts are not enough for the young generation who does not know Turkish music at all. I intend to convey to young people what kind of culture Turkish culture is by explaining the stages that Turkish music has gone through since its birth, to the forms it has, our lullabies, our mehter music, our azans, and anthems both in the historical process and by displaying them with the performance of our friends. For this purpose, we have reached thousands of young people in many high schools and universities. Today, we are at Nişantaşı University. We will try to continue these works as much as we can, as long as we have time and energy.”

“It has a rich infrastructure with a history of 1300 years.”

By stating that Turkish music is a very wide culture and that our music, which has such a rich infrastructure, should be introduced to young people, Taşçı said, “Turkish music has a very old history dating back to the 1300s. It took different forms in every period and was performed by very different people at very different times. Today, it still exists in a different form. I disagree with the idea that the music with a very rich infrastructure is no longer listening. A product with such a rich infrastructure will surely find a buyer. We also know from our concerts and the young people who are trained in this business that Turkish music continues to live really well. Therefore, we aim to further increase this audience within the scope of this project.

“In the three-month project, we reached 4 thousand students”

By stating that they have received very good returns even though it is only a three-month study, Taşçı said, “During this three-month period, we reached approximately four thousand students. This is a great success for us. We also receive invitations from universities as well as non-governmental organizations. People that are interested and curious about this business invited us to different places after watching these seminars. We are starting to go out of Istanbul as well. At the end of these seminars, our students came to us and asked, 'What is the method of playing an instrument?' , 'How can we use our voice?' They express that they want to be closer to this business with questions like those. Me and my 11 friends are doing this work on a voluntary basis. We have no material expectations and concerns. Our only aim is to try to convey this culture to young people.”

Release date: 02.03.2018