Suggestion of “limitation to” articifial intelligence

The second day of Design Days Event was realized by the Department of Arts and Graphics Design of Nişantaşı University.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Erkan Çiçek and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Dolunay from Arts Department of Yıldız Technical University shared their knowledge and experience about occupations of the future shaped in accordance with the current needs and virtual identity and design processes in social media environment with industry 4.0. in the event moderated by Dr. Ghonche Ghojoghi, Head of Graphics Design Department.

Dr. Erkan Çiçek stated that tools that are used in a profession are of great importance in the change of occupations, and added, “We can see technology and artificial intelligence is used in many professions when we consider Industry 4.0. There are 43 thousand defined professions in the world now. However, a lot of new professions will appear thanks to artificial intelligence. Especially, professions will take on a new dimension with the robots that will work. At this point, it depends on the humanbeing’s aim to use the robots whether they will be harmful or beneficial. They will move in accordance with your codes. What software developers are now told in scope of ethics worldwide is that it must not harm the humans, and secondly, humanbeings must be preferred if it is necessary to make preference between a human and a robot. If one does not obey these rules, then it may be harmful. However, an international consciousness must be set that will avoid them. Artificial intelligence must be limited, and must not harm humanbeings or push the limits of freedom.”


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Dolunay exclaimed, “Identities of humans with artificial intelligence will be established and globalized with Industry 5.0, which will cause similarity of the identities in both social media and society. This will result in psychological problems in the future. Cyborgs, half human and half robot, will be manufactured with Industry 5.0, which will lead to existence of uncontrolled identities and people. Countries will take severe precautions in web-based mediums to prevent this because commerce has started to take place online. Social media will be monitored by the states. Global law codes will appear because of the online commerce”.

Posters designed by the students from Graphics Design Department were exhibited under the name of “Professions of the Future” in the seminar.

Release date: 09.01.2020